Day Camp Information


Are you ready to join a climbing crew on an exciting adventure to Mount Everest? Get ready to learn about the life of Elijah and how he conquered challenges with God’s mighty power!

Each morning you will meet your climbing crew at the Base Camp, then take some time to enjoy the Snowfall Stations. When the climb is ready to begin, the Climbing Coordinator will give the signal and your journey will begin.

You will visit the Glacier Games to play thrilling games that will keep you cool, then on toward the Discovery Pass where you will have a chance to put your creativity to work. Next, you will travel through the Rugged Ridge and make a stop at the Mountain Hideaway for a Bible story. You will have enough time for a quick visit to the Mountaintop Treats before returning for the Summit Celebration at Base Camp.

Before heading home for the day, you may wish to visit the Mount Everest Gifts Shop. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure!