1. Believing that the Bible is God’s loving and complete revelation, it is the authoritative standard for personal and congregational life and the basis for all our teaching.
  2. Knowing that effective prayer is vital to ministry, every program and function of the church will be supported by prayer.
  3. Developing equipped Disciples of Christ shall be the ultimate goal of all ministry beginning with the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel both across the street and around the world.
  4. Recognizing that discipleship, accountability and caring can take place most effectively in small groups, they shall be an integral part of church life.
  5. Respecting the diversity of our congregation, we will meet corporately for God-glorifying worship.
  6. Understanding that we are members of Christ’s body, under His headship, we shall accept our responsibility for all decisions, elect godly servant-leaders, and encourage everyone to minister with their God-given gifts.
  7. Acknowledging our responsibility for future generations, we will maintain a strong focus on ministering to children and youth.
  8. Accepting our responsibility as salt and light, we will be intentional in serving our local community.

Being a part of the larger Christian community, we commit ourselves to being kingdom builders.