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Monday Prayer Time

9 am – in the Church Chapel


Hellos Ladies! This is Tamara Peterson, and incase you haven’t heard, I will be leading Womens Ministry in September 2020!  I am very excited to be joining you again and am currently researching all kinds of studies, conferences, event ideas (for when we can gather again) to have a spectacular year! What a celebration it will be! In the meantime can I suggest 3 things you can do to stay in the Word and stay in great studies from home:

  1. Send an email to the church office at and ask them to sign you up under our church subscription to Right Now Media. It gives you free access to endless resources! All by well known and trusted speakers and authors. Look for the WM section and you will be amazed at the variety! It’s a gold mine!!

  2. Consider signing up also to “IF:Gathering” it is a Christian Womens Organization committed to the soul purpose of discipling women. A lot of their studies are also on RNM, but if you sign up with them directly (it’s free also). They have weekly live podcast that totally deal with the Covid crisis and how we can stay encouraged! There was just one this week on combating anxiety, and they can all be watched at your convenience. They are really excellent and extremely current!

  3. Consider staring a Zoom Bible Study Group! I would offer one myself, but my life has just gotten very busy with suddenly homeschooling 3 highschoolers, while still working part time!! Or if any enthusiastic woman out there would like to lead one, please email me at and I can suggest some great ones for you to consider! Although I will likely just direct you back to steps 1 and 2; so take a look!

Okay ladies, I hope this helps! 💗

Stay safe ladies, stay encouraged and stay in the Word! 💕