Women's Bible Study

Hello Ladies! So I thought it might be fun to put out some suggestions for great online Bible Studies! Seeing as we are unable to gather to study, at least I can give you some “great resources” to look into from the comfort of our own home! I will try to put out 3 per month – kind of like “Tamara’s Top 3 Picks” for the month! I have researched many studies personally over the years that we have access to on RightNow Media. I have lots to recommend! The RightNot Media website can be overwhelming at times, so here are some great gems to get you started.

First: “What The Women Saw” with Jenny Allen, Sadie Roberts, Biana Olthorp and Jada Edwards. This study is recorded in Israel – exactly where the interactions with Jesus and specific women in the Bible happened! You will see how Jesus valued, equipped and empowered women; and He can do the same for you!

Secondly: “Perfect Love” by Lisa Harper. You will love her southern belle accent as she relates the Songs of Solomon to our personal relationship with Jesus. We all want to ne known and loved, and no one will do this for us like Jesus will. But how do we respond when troubles kidnap our security in Christ? Join Lisa and find out!

Thirdly: “Get Out Of You Head” by Jenny Allen. Are your thoughts and anxiety holding you captive? Jenny takes us on a study of Philippians that will transform your emotions and outlook; taking control of our thoughts! Let the goodness of God flood your life in remarkable ways!

Enjoy the studies, ladies! See which one you like best and let me know your thoughts. (Click here to e-mail Tamara!) I will try to have some new great suggestions for you next month! Be blessed!