Resources for Discerning Women in Eldership

Broadview Church, September 2021

Before you begin –
1. Please read Philippians 2:1-11
2. Consider the qualities and mindset we each need to possess in order to make a good decision and honour one another throughout this process.

The following resources have been put together with the desire to:
1. Present both the egalitarian and complementarian views of “women in ministry/leadership/eldership”.

2. Resources are available in the links below. There are also some printed resources available at the Welcome Centre on Sunday mornings and through the church office the rest of the week.

• Quotes from Introduction (James R. Beck, editor)
“…one can build a credible case within the bounds of orthodoxy and a commitment to inerrancy for either one of the two major views we address in this volume”
– “The exegetical issues are complex, and even the most enthusiastic of promoters for one side or the other cannot justifiably claim that the opposing view is beyond the limits of orthodoxy. Nor can one assert that a particular view is the only one reflecting a belief in biblical inerrancy.”
– “…the need for a more irenic spirit among proponents on both sides of this debate is as strong as ever. Too often more heat than light emerges when people get together to debate about women in ministry.”